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How Can P.E.A.S. Help You?

Sometimes all you need is a second set of hands. We work with clients to reach their goals, fulfill their commitments and check item after item off their to-do list. 

P.E.A.S provides services to help you lead an organized lifestyle, both personally and professionally. Whether you measure your time in dollars or by personal satisfaction, the bottom line is that your time is invaluable. Our team works one-on-one with you to tailor a solution that frees you from the tasks that don’t require your expertise. Things like scheduling, event and meeting planning, travel details or expense reports can create roadblocks keeping you from utilizing your time effectively, from doing what you do best.

With P.E.A.S. working with you, you’ll be able to get back to the important things, confident that those tasks are looked after to your standards and expectations – without going through a difficult and time-consuming hiring and training process. You’re already paying a professional to do your taxes, to clean your teeth, someone to wash your car, someone to prepare and serve your dinner. Engaging with us isn’t much different other than the fact that our services contribute directly to your productivity and peace of mind.

At P.E.A.S. there’s no such thing as ‘that’s not my job’. It’s ALL our job.

In the Office

Delegate time-consuming tasks that aren’t moving your bottom line forward, leaving you free to reach your professional goals.

In the Home

Prioritize your personal time and be present with friends and family knowing your household is under control.

in the field

P.E.A.S. provide a range of support services for its clients, to further help them achieve their goals.

Whether you’ve worked with an Executive Assistant before or not, you will see that our resourcefulness ensures your time becomes yours again. 

In addition to its traditional offerings, P.E.A.S. also provides a range of support services, to further help Clients achieve their goals, including Sales Operations, Business Planning and Coaching.


In The Office

Business Services
  • Annual Renewals
  • Onboarding Staff
  • Website Updates
  • Newsletters
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Bill Payments
Board Meetings
  • Minutes
  • Logistics
  • Delivery to Board members
  • Set up of your virtual meeting.
CRM & Project Management
  • Update contacts, tasks, pipelines
  • Client on-boarding
  • Work flows
  • Documents
  • Agreements
  • Contracts
  • Presentations
Event Planning
  • Corporate and board meetings, parties, staff or client appreciation
  • Source venue, activities, decorations, menus, caterers, invitations, AV equipment, DJ’s, photographers and any other professionals
Travel Planning
  • Source destinations, schedule flights, hotels, activities, menus, ground transportation
  • Staycations elevated – RV rental sourcing, parks researched
  • Create traveller profile to include all personal travel preferences and reward programs
  • Schedule meetings required, restaurants, remote events including AV equipment, catering
  • Any necessary including recurring appointments, meetings, continuing education, personal appointments
Expense Reports
  • Creation, submission, auditing, credit card reconciliations

In The Home

Event Planning
  • Dinner parties
  • Holiday parties
  • Birthday or other occasional parties
  • Barbeques
  • Create menu with caterer
  • Invitation list
  • Send invitations, flowers,
  • Decorations, equipment
Extracurricular Planning
  • Research programs of interest
  • Costs
  • Registration information
  • End of season sports team events
Property Management
  • liaise with contractors, decorators, and other professionals
  • Book repairs or maintenance, schedule future or recurring maintenance
Concierge Services
  • check on the home when away
  • Bring in mail, remove newspapers or other advertisements from driveway
  • Restocking the fridge, turn on heat and lights upon return from travel
  • Assist with gift ideas
  • Mailing of birthday or holiday cards
  • Scheduling reminders of life events and recurring special dates, gift deliveries
  • Scheduling appointments and sourcing professionals – medical, dental, spa, after school activities, child care, etc.
Charity Administration
  • Track donations
  • Research foundations
  • Event planning


Interim Sales & Sales Operations Management
  • You are looking to launch a new product or service and you need to leverage industry and business experience to ‘GoTo Market’, but do not necessarily want to invest in a fulltime resource 
  • You have a leaderless sales team who need an experienced Sales Director/Manager who can provide support or skills temporarily while you find a permanent solution 
  • Whatever the circumstance, P.E.A.S. are here to help you grow your business, closing more sales. 
Sales & Business Planning
  • Sometimes, as business owners, we cannot see the forest for the trees. We are too busy to build, adopt and maintain processes that will drive revenue, profitability and give more time to focus on maintaining existing customers and finding new ones. 
  • P.E.A.S. offer assistance to help you define your objectives and create procedures and workflows that will maximize the effectiveness of your organization. We specialize in sales & business operations services including best practices for IT solutions, sales & territory planning, commission & incentive plans, revenue intelligence and analytics. 
  • We all need a coach or a mentor, someone independent that we trust, who we can go to when we have an idea, a challenge or simply want a second opinion. 
  • With its decades of experience, across many industries and disciplines, P.E.A.S. has a proven track record of providing coaching services to business leaders. Whether its for personal mentoring or for members of your organization, we can provide support and guidance that can improve the effectiveness of your team. By doing so we reduce the possibility of attrition of key members of staff and customers  

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