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P.E.A.S. is a highly confidential Executive & Personal assistant solutions company that prides itself on helping you gain control of your own time.

We’re going to help you reach your personal and professional goals by allowing you to regain control of your time. We are a vessel to a calmer, less stressed, more peaceful life.

Daily administrative tasks and personal errands can be delegated with confidence when you find the perfect assistant to suit your needs. Vicki Bates offers trustworthy and professional services to get you back to what you should be focused on. Things like:  


Building your business and reaching targets


Using your unique talent to its fullest


Being present with your loved ones


Keeping commitments within your community


Enjoy time off without worrying if you forgot something

“The beauty of having Vicki in charge of our client relations was that whatever the situation, I could trust that she understood the nature of each relationship. This insight, along with her detailed knowledge of the intricacies of our business, allowed her to efficiently identify issues and opportunities as they arose.

With great efficiency, Vicki crafted and delivered well-rounded solutions, resulting in happy and secure clients, and was always one of the greatest assets in my practice.”

Tim Chesnutt
Owner, Director of Events, Epic Multisports Limited

Getting Started with P.E.A.S

A simple phone call, text or email will put you on the path to action, less stress and peace of mind. 

After submitting your first contact with us, we will meet for an introductory call so we can fully understand the scope of your requirements and develop the plan of action. We will then lay out your customized, affordable proposal for your review and consideration with any edits required. This process only needs to take a couple of days depending on availability of the client.

Call, text or email to book our intro call. Please include your ideal time for a 30 minute phone call so we can arrange our schedule accordingly.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Vicki for over 30 years in both a personal and professional setting. Vicki was my executive assistant for 6 years acting as support for me and as lead client service manager in my Financial Planning Practise.

Of the many strengths Vicki has one in particular stands out, her unique ability to make whoever she is speaking to/dealing with feel at ease no matter how difficult the situation may be.”

Robert Taylor, B.A, (Econ), CIM, FCSI
Senior Financial Advisor, Chairman’s Council 2019

Personal Executive Assistant Solutions