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Who We Are

Decades of supporting business owners, presidents and CEO’s of various companies with professional services tailored to meet their needs.

Our clients encompass a wide range of businesses and industries. Serial Entrepreneurs, Natural Products, Events & Entertainment, Executive Coaching, Infrastructure, Real Estate and more – Great companies doing great things.

SMB’s and the growth and transition that comes with that territory, established professionals looking to expand, or those looking to step back from the helm all need the kind of support in which we excel.


C.E.O., Vicki Bates

For some, “I like to help people” is a cliché. For Vicki it’s a lifestyle, always the go-to person for anything. Even with the power of Google, those in her circle go to her first. Vicki was always the teacher’s helper, always received the ‘most sportsmanlike player’ award on softball teams, demonstrating a lifelong passion to help others. 

Education, family, work experience, mentors and coaches contribute to her work ethic and success, but it is her nature to want to help. Whatever it takes to make someone’s day a little easier is where she gets her most pleasure. It’s not work for Vicki, its joy. The bigger the challenge, the better the feeling when we have another satisfied client. 

Vicki gains trust very easily and finds herself listening to challenges clients are facing, often just unloading what’s on their mind – and she turns that into an opportunity to help.

As a born and bred East Coast Kid, building relationships comes naturally which has provided opportunities in her travels around the world to work and play with people from all backgrounds.

Director, Business Development, Paul Bates

A proven “hands on” Sales & Business Development Director with a wealth of expertise in building and leading sales teams for organizations across many vertical markets. These engagements include Start-Ups and established Enterprise companies. His experience spans 30+ years in North America and EMEA following a successful 11-year career in the Royal Air Force as an Aeronautical Engineer, which created a strong foundation of organization, discipline and teamwork. In his spare time, Paul is an Amateur sports coach and enthusiast with a competitive drive to win and coach others to success.

Administrative Associate, Anna Jones

Anna is an Administrative Associate at P.E.A.S.. She works with our clients on various tasks including  electronic filing, research, scheduling, document creation and formatting, and timekeeping. 

Anna was born and raised in the Maritimes, growing up in the Halifax area. In 2018, she completed the Music Business program at NSCC and has since worked in a variety of project and event management roles, namely Nova Scotia Music Week where she managed over 30 delegates from around the world, their flights, hotels, logistics and itineraries – requiring great organization and focus. On top of that, she has coordinated over 150 volunteers for events, which she does with great passion and efficiency.

Anna’s other experience includes customer service, hospitality, non-profits and childcare.  She has excellent attention to detail, is great with quick problem solving and creative solutions, and has fantastic people managing skills. I addition to all this, Anna brings a wealth of talent and experience in social media and web content. She continues to consult and advise PEAS clients concerning their social networking strategy
In her free time, Anna can be found at many music venues, traveling with friends and spending time with family.

Client Business Administrator, Wendy Sparks

Wendy, serving as a Business Administrator at P.E.A.S., actively engages in diverse business development projects. Her role encompasses working with external clients as well as internal initiatives for P.E.A.S. She leverages her adeptness in managing dynamic objectives, discovering operational efficiencies, and excelling in effective communication.

Wendy is a business executive with many years of experience in Operations, Sales & Marketing, Project Management and Customer service. Wendy has crafted an exceptional career predominantly in the Hospitality Industry, spanning over 20 years.

Her go get it attitude and attention to the small things is what she finds truly important. She has a capability to help people “Think outside the Box” and transform situations into positive results.

As a sports mother of two athletes, community leader, and former athlete herself, her hobby is podcasting about professional basketball and sharing her journey by hosting Elite basketball camps, fundraising events, as well as consulting parents of amateur and professional athletes, through panel, discussions, and more.

P.E.A.S. is a proud member of:


“We have been engaging the services of P.E.A.S. since it was founded and launched in 2019.

We are reliant on P.E.A.S. services, often at short notice, for business critical support. They have never let us down, nothing is ever too much trouble and they approach all projects with a positive attitude and work ethic that is nothing short of exceptional.

Always accepting input from successful business leaders and trusted colleagues, Vicki is determined to provide the best quality of work and support to her clients. I am. not sure how she even finds time, and is proud, to volunteer in her local business community!

We consider Vicki as more of a business partner than a services provider. Her dedication, availability and loyalty to her clients is to be commended.”

Ian Farmer
President -IF Associates, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I need your services?

A: Do you feel you never have enough time to complete required tasks? Do you lay awake at night going over outstanding tasks in your mind? If so, you will benefit from our services. If you are looking for an exceptional level of client service and response times, you will find that with P.E.A.S.

Q: How will using P.E.A.S. benefit my business?

A: Key benefits of using our services:

  • Frees up your valuable time to focus on your business, while confident in the knowledge that the day to day essentials are looked after.
  • You control the amount of hours you use our services
  • No minimum hours are required
  • No costly HR expenses of an employee including equipment, benefits, tax remittances, vacation pay, pensions etc.
Q: What about confidential information?

A: P.E.A.S. prides itself on the highest level of confidentiality, as outlined in the confidentiality agreement that will be provided to you upon engagement

Q: Where is P.E.A.S. based?

A: We are based in HRM, Nova Scotia but work with clients across North America.

Q: What is the best way to work with P.E.A.S.?

A: While we won’t be in the same office, technology makes it easy to stay connected. We will work together to determine the frequency and method of contact such as phone, email, online meeting software, and in person to best fit your comfort zone

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