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Who we are

25+ years of supporting business owners, presidents and CEO’s of various companies, with both professional and personal assistance covering a vast range of duties.

P.E.A.S. clients encompass a wide range of businesses and families. Entrepreneurs, Natural Products, Wealth Management, Marketing and Advertising agencies, Executive Coaching, Franchising, Property Management.

Start-ups and the growth and transition that comes with that territory, established professionals looking to expand, or those looking to step back from the helm all need the kind of support in which we excel.

Those running a busy household have found great value in our services by taking the stress away from life activities that are meant to be enjoyed. Have fun at that special occasion again, let us look after the details while you sit back and enjoy it all.

Whether the support be professional, personal or a combination of both, we take it off your plate.

About Vicki

For some, “I like to help people” is a cliché. For me it’s my lifestyle. I am always the go-to person for anything. Even with the power of Google, those in my circle come to me first. I was always the teacher’s helper, always received the ‘most sportsmanlike player’ award on softball teams, I love researching any topic. But the icing on the cake is knowing I helped others.

Whatever it takes to make someone’s day a little easier is where I get my most pleasure. It’s not work for me, its joy. The bigger the challenge, the better the feeling when I have another satisfied client. Family, education, work experience, mentors and coaches contribute to my work ethic and success, but it is my nature to want to help, my passion to make people happy.

I gain trust very easily and find myself listening to challenges clients are facing, often just unloading what’s on their mind – and I turn that into an opportunity to help.

As a born and bred East Coast Kid, building relationships comes naturally which has provided opportunities in my travels around the world to work and play with people from all backgrounds.

Your P.E.A.S. is a proud member of:


“Vicki has become an integral trusted partner and community member. She brings her passion, energy, and kindness to everything she does in her business and beyond.

Vicki gives selflessly to her clients and colleagues in her network, bringing her expertise and dedication to organization, effective problem solving and a supportive ear.

Vicki never says ‘can’t’, she will always seek to find solutions to support her client’s growth. When customers work with Vicki, they feel her investment in their success as if it were her own business.”


Jennifer Montgomery, M.Ed, Managing Partner
Director, Learning & Development – Blue Door Group – Founder, 40 Cups of Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I need your services?

A: Do you feel you never have enough time to complete required tasks? Do you lay awake at night going over your to-do list? If so, you will benefit from our services.

Q: How will using P.E.A.S. benefit my business?

A: Key benefits of using our services are:

  • Frees up your valuable time to focus on your business, while confident in the knowledge that the administrative day to day essential tasks are looked after.
  • You control the amount of hours you use our services
  • No minimum hours are required
  • No costly HR expenses of an employee including equipment, office space, tax remittances, vacation pay, pensions etc.
Q: What about confidential information?

A: P.E.A.S. prides itself on the highest level of confidentiality, as outlined in the confidentiality agreement that will be provided to you upon engagement

Q: Where is P.E.A.S. based?

A: We are based in HRM, Nova Scotia but work with clients across Canada.

Q: What is the best way to work with P.E.A.S.?

A: While we won’t be in the same office, technology makes it easy to stay connected. We will work together to determine the frequency and method of contact such as phone, email, online meeting software, and in person to best fit your comfort zone

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