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P.E.A.S. Pod

Our POD of trusted associates consists great people doing great things. We are excited to share their news and events – and if you’re looking for their specialty service, we’d happily make an introduction.

Trusted Associates

IF Associates, Inc.

Changing sales people’s lives, one deal at a time. Sales coaching, deal strategy, Power Base Selling – helping you to find, win and keep new customers.

Designling & Company

Creating livable & inspiring signature spaces by e-design. We’re the East Coast’s first e-design boutique.  We offer residential interior design services including 2D furniture placement plans to find the best layout of your space, all colour/furniture & decor/fixtures, finishes & materials selection, as well as 3D Revit technical drawings with elevations. Choose the package that’s right for you for a complete roadmap to your new design to pull together as your budget and schedule allow. 

Vanessa Burns Consulting

Simply Written. Simply Funded. Vanessa’s purpose is simple – to help you secure grant funding to grow your impact. Through researching, writing, proofreading, and coaching, Vanessa provides a one stop grant shop. A proud member of the Grant Professionals Association Vanessa aims to deliver a higher standard of practice within the grant writing space. Navigating the world of grants is complicated. Let Vanessa simplify your journey.

Dandelion Digital

Brand Photographer & Social Media Coach for entrepreneurs to Post with Purpose. We create photo galleries and content strategies to level up your brand visibility and reach your ideal client.


shifted academy

“You Know Your Stuff, We Help You Present It” Creating & modernizing courses (Done for you or done with you). Award-winning Training & Coaching (so you present like a rock star- even with an audience of one).


Blue Door Group

At Blue Door Group, we take a collaborative approach to consulting. We work with private, non-profit, and social impact sectors to solve complex operational challenges, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency and profitability.


Champion Foundational Change Agency

Your Concierge for all things wellness and well being.

In response to the fierce competition for acquiring and retaining talent, organizations are spending record amounts of money in the hopes of boosting productivity and limiting turnover. Industry leaders are rethinking their approach to allow greater capacity and opportunity for mental, physical and emotional wellness/wellbeing support. We are a one stop shop for all things wellness and welbeing: We reenergies teams and organizations to: build strong relationships, fosture a culture of wellness and wellbing and reach desired outcomes of a thriving organizaiton/team in a long term and sustainable way.


The Fusion Group

Whether you are struggling to find amazing employees for your organization or are a professional at a career crossroads, WE are who you need in your corner.

We see paths, where others see walls.



MARS VR Lab creates gamified VR experiences that allow children with disabilities to learn new skills in a safe environment.


Great People Doing Great Things

Where is your energy going?

Where is your energy going?

As Staycations wind down, schools are back in and our thoughts turn to colourful leaves, where will your focus be? Are you accomplishing what you want to? Do you have unfinished projects from March, April, and beyond that need attention? Are there new projects in the...

Small Business Success Week

Small Business Success Week

During small business success week, I have made some great new connections, gained some wonderful new clients and made time to support other entrepreneurs during their journey. Also made time for some grounding. I am incredibly grateful for the clients I have, the fun...

Professional Executive Associates Inc.