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Emergency Relief Assistance

As we get used to things being quite different in our professional and personal lives, P.E.A.S. has launched a new platform of Emergency Relief services. We have seen how businesses have had to pivot, or quickly manage higher demand during the current COVID-19 crisis and for companies experiencing an unexpected situation like this, we would like to offer some relief.

P.E.A.S. is a highly confidential Executive & Personal assistant solutions company that prides itself on helping you gain control of your own time.

We’re going to help you reach your personal and professional goals by allowing you to regain control of your time. We are a vessel to a calmer, less stressed, more peaceful life.

Daily administrative tasks and personal errands can be delegated with confidence when you find the perfect assistant to suit your needs. Vicki Bates offers trustworthy and professional services to get you back to what you should be focused on. Things like:  


Building your business and reaching targets


Being present with your loved ones


Keeping commitments within your community


Enjoy time off without worrying if you forgot something

What can P.E.A.S do for you?

Sometimes all you need is a second set of hands. I work with clients to reach their goals, fulfill their commitments and check item after item off their to-do list. 

P.E.A.S provides services to help you lead an organized lifestyle, both personally and professionally. Whether you measure your time in dollars or by personal satisfaction, the bottom line is that your time is invaluable. Our team works one-on-one with you to create an affordable solution that frees you from the tasks that don’t require your expertise. Things like proofreading, scheduling, event planning or expense reports can create roadblocks keeping you from utilizing your time effectively, from doing what you do best. 

With a personal assistant working with you, you’ll be able to get back to the important things, confident that those tasks are looked after to your standards and expectations – without going through a difficult and time-consuming hiring process. You’re already paying a professional to do your taxes, to clean your teeth, someone to wash your car, someone to prepare and serve your dinner. Hiring us isn’t much different other than the fact that our service contributes directly to your productivity and peace of mind.

At P.E.A.S. there’s no such thing as ‘that’s not my job’. It’s ALL our job.

In the Office

Delegate time-consuming tasks that aren’t moving your bottom line forward, leaving you free to reach your professional goals.

In the Home

Prioritize your personal time and be present with friends and family knowing your household is under control.

On The Go

Travel with ease, knowing your flights and hotels have been booked, amenities researched and your home looked after.

Emergency Relief Assistance

For the business owners, managers, CEO’s who simply cannot keep up with new demands, who are falling behind and need support, we are here for you.

Clients looking to book the Emergency Relief Assistance will receive:

  • All services included in our regular packages.
  • For every hour billed using the Emergency Relief Assistance option, you will receive an additional hour free.*
  • No long-term commitment required.

To learn more or for a free consultation, call/text 902-209-7087, email vicki@yourpeas.com or simply click here.


*maximum hour limits will be decided on a case by case basis

First time hiring an assistant? I work hard so your time becomes yours again. Here are just a few tasks I can take care of (and if you don’t find your need on our list, we’d love to add it):

In The Office

Office Organization
  • Home or onsite office organization and system audits, file system integration (electronic or paper) furniture and equipment sourcing, Inbox administration and clean up
  • Documents
  • Agreements
  • Contracts
  • Presentations
Event Planning
  • Corporate and board meetings, parties, staff or client appreciation
  • Source venue, activities, decorations, menus, caterers, invitations, AV equipment, DJ’s, photographers and any other professionals
Financial Administration
  • Expense reports, credit card reconciliations
  • Liaise with bank for currency exchanges, bill payments, opening accounts, file any business-related documents with CRA or Access Nova Scotia
Employee On-boarding
  • Training/on-boarding of junior administrative staff either on-site or virtually
Client Appreciation
  • Gift ideas and deliveries, dinners, golf, tickets to shows, mailing holiday and other greeting cards
  • Schedule reminders for recurring or future special dates
  • Any necessary including recurring appointments, meetings, continuing education, personal appointments
Expense Reports
  • Creation, submission, auditing, credit card reconciliations

In The Home

Event Planning
  • Dinner parties
  • Holiday parties
  • Birthday or other occasional parties
  • Barbeques
  • Create menu with caterer
  • Invitation list
  • Send invitations, flowers,
  • Decorations, equipment
Extracurricular Planning
  • Research programs of interest
  • Costs
  • Registration information
  • End of season sports team events
Household Bills
  • Track payments (recurring and one-offs)
  • Budgets
  • Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
  • Liaise with personal banker for wire transfers, bill payments, currency exchanges
Property Management
  • liaise with contractors, decorators, and other professionals
  • Book repairs or maintenance, schedule future or recurring maintenance
Concierge Services
  • check on the home when away
  • Bring in mail, remove newspapers or other advertisements from driveway
  • Restocking the fridge, turn on heat and lights upon return from travel
  • Assist with gift ideas
  • Mailing of birthday or holiday cards
  • Scheduling reminders of life events and recurring special dates, gift deliveries
  • Scheduling appointments and sourcing professionals – medical, dental, spa, after school activities, child care, etc.
Charity Administration
  • Track donations
  • Research foundations
  • Event planning

On The Go

Travel Planning
  • Source destinations, schedule flights, hotels, activities, menus, ground transportation
  • Create traveller profile to include all personal travel preferences and reward programs
  • Schedule meetings required, restaurants, remote events including AV equipment, catering
Vehicle Management
  • Schedule service appointments, tire changes, MVIs, track lease/purchase payments and renewals
Last Minute
  • Tasks that come up and there isn’t time to complete
  • Travel, meeting venues, catering, accommodations, transportation, reservations, cakes, gifts, errands

Who we are

25+ years of supporting business owners, presidents and CEO’s of predominantly family owned companies, with both professional and personal assistance covering a vast range of duties.

P .E.A.S. clients encompass a wide range of businesses and families. Entrepreneurs, Wealth Management, Marketing and Advertising agencies, Real Estate, Franchising, Auto industry, Property Management, Food Industry, Legal Professionals and their families.
Start-ups and the growth and transition that comes with that territory, established professionals looking to expand, or those looking to step back from the helm all need the kind of support in which we excel.

Those running a busy household have found great value in our services by taking the stress away from life activities that are meant to be enjoyed. Have fun at that special occasion again, let us look after the details while you sit back and enjoy it all.

Whether the support be professional, personal or a combination of both, we take it off your plate.

About Vicki

For some, “I like to help people” is a cliché. For me it’s my lifestyle. I am always the go-to person for anything. Even with the power of Google, those in my circle come to me first. I was always the teacher’s helper, always received the ‘most sportsmanlike player’ award on softball teams (have played since I was 8 years old and still play today), I love researching any topic. But the icing on the cake is knowing I helped others.

Whatever it takes to make someone’s day a little easier is where I get my most pleasure. It’s not work for me, its joy. The bigger the challenge, the better the feeling when I have another satisfied client. Family, education, work experience, mentors and coaches contributed to my work ethic and success, but it is my nature to want to help, my passion to make people happy.

I gain trust very easily and find myself listening to challenges clients are facing, often just unloading what’s on their mind – and I turn that into an opportunity to help.

As a born and bred East Coast Kid, building relationships comes naturally which has provided opportunities in my travels around the world to work and play with people from all backgrounds.

“The beauty of having Vicki in charge of our client relations was that whatever the situation, I could trust that she understood the nature of each relationship. This insight, along with her detailed knowledge of the intricacies of our business, allowed her to efficiently identify issues and opportunities as they arose.

With great efficiency, Vicki crafted and delivered well-rounded solutions, resulting in happy and secure clients, and was always one of the greatest assets in my practice.”

Tim Chesnutt
Owner, Director of Events, Epic Multisports Limited

Getting Started with P.E.A.S

A simple phone call, text or email will put you on the path to action, less stress and peace of mind. 

After submitting your first contact with us, we will meet for a needs analysis so we can fully understand the scope of your requirements and develop the plan of action. We will then lay out your customized, affordable proposal for your review and acceptance with any edits if required. This process only needs to take a couple of days depending on availability of the client, and work can usually begin within the week.

Call, text or email to book our discovery call. Please include your ideal time for a 10-15 minute phone call so we can arrange our schedule accordingly.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Vicki for over 30 years in both a personal and professional setting. Vicki was my executive assistant for 6 years acting as support for me and as lead client service manager in my Financial Planning Practise.

Of the many strengths Vicki has one in particular stands out, her unique ability to make whoever she is speaking to/dealing with feel at ease no matter how difficult the situation may be.”

Robert Taylor, B.A, (Econ), CIM, FCSI
Senior Financial Advisor, Chairman’s Council 2019

Request a quote

A simple phone call, text or email will put you on the path to action, less stress and peace of mind.

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Q: How do I know if I need your services?

A: Do you feel you never have enough time to complete required tasks? Do you lay awake at night going over your to-do list? If so, you will benefit from our services.

Q: How will using P.E.A.S. benefit my business?

A: Key benefits of using our services are:

  • Frees up your valuable time to focus on your business, while confident in the knowledge that the administration day to day essential tasks are looked after.
  • You control the amount of hours you use our services
  • No minimum hours are required, used little or as many as required.
  • No costly expenses of an employee including equipment, office space, tax remittances, vacation pay, pensions etc.
Q: What about confidential information?

A: P.E.A.S. prides itself on the highest level of confidentiality, as outlined in the confidentiality agreement that will be provided to you upon engagement

Q: Where is P.E.A.S. based?

A: We are based in Bedford, Nova Scotia but work with clients all over Nova Scotia as well as visitors from other provinces.

Q: What is the best way to work with P.E.A.S.?

A: While we won’t be in the same office, technology makes it easy to stay connected. We will work together to determine the frequency and method of contact such as phone, email, Skype, etc. to best fit your comfort zone